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Please see services we may help you with on your manufacturing projects. We are not limited to this and will be expanding services as needed.


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3D Solid Modelling

At MIL-SPEC-CAD we offer a broad range of flat rate services in support of those who seek cost effective CAD solutions. Our current offered services are, but not limited too:

  • Paper to CAD 2D and 3D Solid Modeling.

  • 3D Visualization and Rendering.

  • Paper to paper blueprint clean up.

  • Dimensional conflict review.

  • Assembly mating analysis.

With MIL-SPEC-CAD you get a unique array of experience and skills suited for your needs that is unrivaled by a typical CADD company.


Your projects are handled by an individual with 14 years aerospace and military experience in reading blueprints from all the major OEM aircraft designers.

Industry Experience

At MIL-SPEC-CAD, our most common customers are those that supply parts on federal contracts in support of the armed forces.


Our experience in the past has been with organizations supplying manufactured to print parts and seek to support those in the industry that require the flate rate services of a CAD draftsman.

Who We Support